Economic Empowerment Program

YDN-related experiences of economic empowerment program:

Development groups project:

In 2013 YDN conducted development groups project funded by Arab Network for NGOs, the project has been contributing to improving youth’s social and economic situation in the poorest and most vulnerable communities by providing capacity building for 200 youth and sub-grants to 40 youth. The total targeted beneficiaries were 200 youth (male and female).

 Youth development for labor market project:

In 2015 YDN conducted youth development for labor market project as first stage funded by AGFUND, the project has been contributing to empower youths (boys and girls) to build their capacities & gain access to opportunities that improve the quality of life. The targeted beneficiaries 253 youth (male and female) in five governorates (Sana’a, Hadramout, Aden, Al Hodeidah and Taiz).

 “Maharati” Technical Training Institute:

In additional, YDN has been established, furnishing and operating three training vocational training institutes in three governorates of Yemen (Hodeidah, Taiz, and Aden) during 2013 – 2015, Funded by MTN telecom company, Those training institutes aim to enhance Yemeni youth’s contributions to develop society through providing vocational training for young unemployed in order to construct and develop vocational skills that cover the shortage of law-economic and market in Yemen in addition to transform the life of youth from unemployment to production.

The total number of targeted beneficiaries in three institutes about 10,178 youth (male and female) during 2015 – 2018.

“Maharati” Technical Training Institute – Hodeidah Governorate.

The first training vocational institute (Excellence & Creativity Institute) has been opened in Al-hodeidah governorate on 2014 after continuous and hard work during construction and furnishing phase that implemented during nine months.

 Institute’s departments

  1. Computer and networks departments.
  2. Air conditioning department.
  3. Woman empowerment (sewing, hair dress and beauty ) Department.
  4. Smithery department.
  5. Electricity Department.
  6. Mobile Phone maintenance department.
  7. Languages department.

 “Maharati” Technical Training Institute – Aden Governorate.

Maharti institute has been established in Aden Governorate and during completion phase of construction, preparing and furnishing and supply of equipment and machinery of laboratories and departments that came with time of conflict situation, despite of that it could overcame it.

On an August, 2015, conflict has been stopped in Aden Governorate and institute has been started its activated and  welcomed  desirable students to gain training and vocational rehabilitation, and continued in working even now.

Institute’s departments

  • Computer and networks department.
  • Mechanic department.
  • Woman empowerment (sewing , hair dress and beauty ) Department.
  • Electricity Department.
  • Mobile Phone maintenance department.
  • Ceremony and conference Hall.

 “Maharati” Technical Training Institute – Taiz Governorate.

On February,2015 all repair, preparing and furniture of skills institute have been completed in Taiz governorate. center’s operation has been delayed as a result of conflict escalation in Taiz governorate, since 2015. Despite of that,  center has been operated and opened it’s  departments in front of youth by both male and female with aim of improve their own vocational skills through implement training and vocational programs and training .

Center’s departments :

  • Computer Department.
  • Mechanic Department.
  • Woman empowerment (sewing, hair dress and beauty) Department.
  • Electricity Department.
  • Mobile Phone maintenance department.

 Maharti ” My Skills “ institute outcomes during 2015 – 2018:

InstituteGovernorateBeneficiaries (Male)Beneficiaries (Female)Total BeneficiariesNumber of programs
Excellence & Creativity InstituteAl-hoeidydah481313576170150
Skills center for re-habitation and consultationTaiz2633743337644
Maharti instituteAden49313963215

Economic Empowerment Program