Institutional Building for NGOs Program

YDN’s Core Sector Scope of Work:

YDN focused on institutional building for NGOs program designed to support NGOs and develop effective and well-managed organizations that best use their human and financial resources to maintain business sustainability.

With a great focus on delivering successful strategies, emerging tools, and specific skills and tactics necessary to build the capacity of NGOs, the program aims to empower the organizations to better perform internally and towards the community they serve.

YDN worked to help many organisations that working on change and cohesion face organisational challenges related to their identity and governance, internal structure and funding.

In addition, YDN believe that most of NGOs actors need to have the ability to understand the operational context, interpret it and anticipate major changes in order to adapt and innovate when current practice fails to achieve intended results. So YDN worked to develop NGOs institutional building program and focused on the challenges which are essential for organisations to manage their change, growth and learning processes and effectively deliver on their work mission in a sustainable way.

Since 2003, YDN has conducted more than 100 training programs according to NGOs’ needs and gaps. More than 3,196 trainees of NGOs employees and volunteers (males and females) representing more than 500 organizations have benefited.

ActivityLocationYearNo. of BeneficiariesTargeted Group
The first training forum: (projects preparation and marketing, project management, resource mobilization, information documentation, administration for non-administrators, volunteer management, monotring and evaluation, quality management, cost management)Ammant Alasemah, Sana'a2010336 traineeNGOs
Second Training Forum: (Accounting for non-accountants, projects evaluation, The institutional work, press editing, media in highlighting human work)Ammant Alasemah, Sana'a2012169 traineeNGOs
Evaluation of institutional performance in NGOsAmmant Alasemah,201217 NGOsNGOs
Workshop about improving the relief roles of NGOsAmmant Alasemah, Sana'a201230 participantNGOs
Issuing two issues of Tanmia magazine, which concerned with NGOs affairsAll Yemen governorates2010 - 2012300 NGOsNGOs
Evaluation of institutional performance in NGOsAmmant Alasemah, Sana'a201325 NGOsNGOs
Third Training Forum: (Strategic Planning, Planning and Design of Development Projects, Human Resource Management, Volunteer Management, Financial Management, Resource Development through International Organizations, Marketing in NGOs, Media Skills and Electronic Journalism)Sana'a, Hodeidah and Taiz2013689 traineeNGOs
Provide consultancy services in plans preparation and regulationsAmmant Alasemah, Sana'a201312 NGOsNGOs
issuance and distribution the Guide of INGOs that working in YemenAll Yemen governorates2013 - 20141300 NGOsNGOs
Media conference of the criteria for select NGOs to participate in the national dialogue conferenceAmmant Alasemah, Sana'a2014426 NGOsNGOs
Resource Development Program + The Planning of Development ProjectAmmant Alasemah201330 traineeNGOs
Partnership and Development ConferenceMost of the Yemen governorates201455 INGOs, 120 NGOsNGOs
The Fourth Training Forum: Strategic Planning, Project Planning and Implementation, Project Management and Implementation, Lobbying and Advocacy, Financial Management, Volunteer Management, Relations and Marketing, Information Collection and Management,Ammant Alasemah, Aden, Dhamar, Hadramout, Marib, Jouf, Sa'ada and Raymah20141061 traineeNGOs
Independent Youth Network Project (IYN)Six regions2014NGOs
Workshop on Financial SustainabilityAmmant Alasemah201455 NGOsNGOs
Workshop on raising the fund capacity of NGOs with the World Bank consultantAmmant Alasemah201430 NGOsNGOs
Workshop on EU project proposal modelsSana'a201440 participantNGOs
Workshop on DFID project proposal formsSana'a201470 participantNGOs
Rehabilitation of NGOs For the intermediary donor roleAmmant Alasemah201420 traineeNGOs
Feasibility study for investment projectsAmmant Alasemah, Sana'a201465 traineeNGOs
Evaluation of institutional performance in NGOsAmmant Alasemah, Hadramout, Marib, Dhamar, Amran201422 NGOsNGOs
Provide consulting services to YDN membersAmmant Alasemah, Hadramout, Marib, Dhamar, Amran201487 NGOsNGOs
Providing coordination and networking services between YDN members and donors.Most of the Yemen governorates201480 NGOsNGOs
Implementation of development and relief projects through YDN membersMost of the Yemen governorates201430 NGOsNGOs
Enhancement of Community Participation and Good Governance in Yemen: (Analysis of National Laws on Good Governance, Financial and Administrative Affairs, Public Budget Control, Policy Analysis, Advocacy, Gender Mainstreaming)Ammant Alasemah2014-2015160 traineeNGOs
Training of Mira form for emergency surveysAmmant Alasemah201550 traineeNGOs
Monitoring cycle mechanisms and legal documentationSana'a201540 traineeNGOs
Workshops on the Sphere ProjectAmmant Alasemah2015100 traineeNGOs
documentation and reporting for donor programAmmant Alasemah201540 traineeNGOs
Psychological rehabilitation of protection workersTaiz201540 traineeNGOs
Training Shelter cluster members in gender analysis needsAmmant Alasemah201514 traineeNGOs
The methodology of applying community assessment cardsAmmant Alasemah201510 traineeNGOs
Psychological support specialistsTaiz201517 traineeNGOs
Preparation of human rights reportsTaiz201521 traineeNGOs
Implementation of development and relief projects through YDN membersMost of the Yemen governorates201528 NGOsNGOs
Provide advisory services to YDN members (review the plans, regulations, administrative forms and proposals for humanitarian projects, information and data on partnership with donors)Most of the Yemen governorates201567 NGOsNGOs
Participation in Local Governance project: (Institutional Performance Evaluation, Preparation in Capacity Building Plans)Hodeidah201615 NGOsNGOs
Local Government Participation Project: (Analysis of national laws on good governance, project design according to results management approach, financial management, preparedness and community readiness, response to emergency plans, mobilizing community resources, conflict management skills, effective coordination workshops)Hodeidah2016376 traineeNGOs, community committees, and local authority
Planning skill for human documentationTaiz201612 traineeNGOs
Strategic planning of organizationsTaiz201630 traineeNGOs
Mine Awareness WorkshopTaiz2016364 traineeNGOs
Implementation of relief projects through YDN membersSana'a, Al-Jouf, Marib201626 NGOsNGOs
Provide advisory services to YDN members (review the plans, regulations, administrative forms and proposals for humanitarian projects, information and data on partnership with donors)Most of the Yemen governorates201678 NGOsNGOs
Fifth Training Forum: (Humanitarian Needs Survey, Project Preparation and Management, Finance Management, Reports Preparation and Writing )Ammant Alasemah, Sana'a, Marib, Al-Jouf, Al-Bayda, Abu, Hajjah, Saada, Hodeidah, Dali`, Amran, Al-Mahweet2017128 traineeNGOs
Workshop on Protection and GenderSana'a201832 NGOsNGOs
Coordination workshop between the government and NGOsSana'a, Amran, Taiz, Ibb, Hudaydah and Hajjah201833 NGOsNGOs and local authority
Institutional Performance EvaluationSana'a20182 NGOsNGOs


Institutional Building for NGOs Program