Peacebuilding and Good Governance Program

YDN’s Core sector Scope of Work:

YDN’s core mandates include explicit commitments to advance Social mobilization, social cohesion in the context of emergency response and development programs. The peace-building concept is a perspective in all YDN  policies, programs, and operations, in order to achieve Social justice, which forms an important aspect of YDN’s humanitarian responsibilities.

YDN’s vision of the social justice  is that many more community members  will gain power over their lives and live free from violence and harassment through changes in attitudes, ideas and beliefs about human justice, and through increased levels of community members  active participation and governance in institutions, decision-making and change processes through:

  • Putting social justice/peace building at the heart of all we do: We are committed through implemented programs/project to build the capacity of staff and partners to focus on human rights and ensure that all of our programs, whether on humanitarian or development contexts, and campaigning directly contributes to strengthening these rights. We also ensure that our internal processes and systems reflect our commitment to human rights.
  • Ending conflict Sensitivity: We focus on preventing and reducing CS in the ground and within the wider society as well as in humanitarian and conflict situations. This includes working with community members (women, men, boys and girls) to strength peaceful coexistence approaches through previous or ongoing humanitarian/development programs.
  • YDN leadership approach and participation: Developing programs, advocacy and campaigning for various sectors including PB/SJ concepts so that more community members, local authorities and partners parties especially those living in poverty, achieve and hold effective and transformative leadership positions at all levels and in all sectors; and both men and women work towards greater peaceful coexistence.

YDN-related experiences of peacebuilding and good governance:

  • Funded by the Swedish Development Agency (SIDA) in 2014 and 2015, YDN, in partnership with Oxfam Netherlands and Progressio UK, implemented a project for community participation and good governance at the national level. The themes and activities of the program included capacity building of CSOs, advocacy for the involvement of youth, women empowerment, expressing needs and awareness and guidance.
  • Funded by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in 2014, YDN, in partnership with Counterpart International, Inc. implemented a project of an effective role for independent youth during and after the transition period. The objective of the grant was to empower the Independent Youth to effectively participate in determining their future in Yemen by unifying their components during and after the transition period.
  • In 2016, YDN in partnership with Oxfam UK implemented a project of participation in local government, the themes and activities of the program included strengthening the partnership between community frameworks, CSOs, and local authorities in emergency response.
  • YDN has been involved in the establishment of peace affiliation, relief, and development partners, which includes more than 200 CSOs and a peace initiative in Yemen.
  • YDN represented Yemeni CSOs at donor conference – GENEVA.
  • YDN participated in many workshops, training programs, events related to peacebuilding and good governance.