A brief overview of the nutrition situation in Yemen:

The current level of hunger in Yemen is unprecedented and is causing severe hardship for millions of people. The rate of child malnutrition is one of the highest in the world and the nutrition situation continues to deteriorate. Children’s nutrition is increasingly threatened with consequences throughout the lifecycle and acute malnutrition is now at serious levels across the country. Malnutrition rates among women and children in Yemen remain among the highest in the world, there has no improvement in the nutrition status and almost a quarter of women are malnourished.

YDN nutrition program interventions:

During the period from 2016 to 2021, YDN had (6) interventions in nutrition programs within 5 governorates. More than 98,191 individuals have benefited from it.

 YDN effectively utilized its outstanding record of experience and resources to respond to the devesting humanitarian crisis caused by war and conflict. The responses are designed to increase access to curative and preventive nutritional services to acutely malnourished under 5 years boys and through implementing the projects in the most affected areas across Yemen.

YDN’s experience in the provision of humanitarian aid, the management of any field difficulties, and the use of the best practices have significantly improved through the implementation of many integrated emergency projects in different areas.

These interventions are through activating and supporting community-based management for acute malnutrition (CMAM) which includes treatment and preventive services including screening for malnutrition among under-five-year children and pregnant and lactating women (PLW), treating acute malnourished children and PLW, provide children with deworming drugs, micronutrient powder, and vitamin A as prevention, providing PLWs with folic acid and iron, counseling, and education sessions for PLW on infant and young child feeding practices, home care of sick children, immunization, key WASH messages, and cholera prevention. All these services are through capacitating and supporting the health workers in the targeted health facilities and medical mobile clinics and community health volunteers (CHVs) to provide services.

Geographical Coverage:

5 Governorates including (Taiz, Ibb, Amran, and Al-Mahwait, Sana’a).

An active partner in:

  • National & Sub-national health cluster.

Summary of the nutrition interventions:

More than 98,000 the total of the nutrition program interventions beneficiaries

1Integrated Emergency Nutrition and Health Services2017
20741Taiz and Ibb
2Integrated Emergency Nutrition and Health Services201827429Taiz and Ibb
3Integrated Emergency Nutrition, Health and food project201819037Taiz and Ibb
4Integrated Emergency Nutrition and Health Services for the most vulnerable groups201829201Taiz and Ibb
5Integrated Health, Nutrition and WaSH project in Milhan district of Al Mahwait Governorate and Maswar and Huth districts of Amran governorate2019
12852Amran and Al Mehwait
6Capacitating Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) to deliver Health and Nutrition basic services in the Community at Bani Thabyan district in Sana'a governorate202144 CHVsSana’a