A brief overview of the protection situation in Yemen:

Armed conflict, risk of famine, and disease outbreaks in Yemen have resulted in the world’s worst humanitarian crises, with fighting, ongoing on several governorates. At the heart of this man­-made humanitarian emergency is a protection crisis that threatens the life, safety, and well-being of millions of civilians, not least of the most vulnerable already struggling to survive.

Underlying the armed conflict, the collapse of the economy, basic services, and institutions, resulting in civilian casualties, displacement, damage to vital infrastructure and distribution, and loss of livelihood. These factors have exacerbated the vulnerabilities of the Yemeni population, lending to households and individuals resorting to harmful coping mechanisms, such as child marriage, the worst forms of child labor, family separation, and the breakdown of the community support structure, not to mention increased psychosocial and mental distress.

YDN protection program interventions:

YDN has conducted many interventions in protection, which were training the humanitarian workers on gender, gender-based violence (GBV), and protection against sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) issues, as well as raising awareness of the risks and damages of war remnants in conflict areas, setting up psychological support programs and workshops in the rules of international humanitarian low. Also, YDN has included protection issues in the implemented projects of other sections through the following:

  • Making sure assistance is provided in locations that are easily and safely accessible for all beneficiaries (women, men, children, disabled people…etc.).
  • Ensuring all employees have received training on protection issues as part of their inducting and measures are implemented within their area of responsibility, follow up, and address protection issues appropriately.
  • Ensuring a safe and confidential complaints/feedback mechanism is in place which enables beneficiaries to raise concerns and needs in a productive and timely manner, and ensures provided services are of high quality.

Geographical Coverage:

(12) Governorates: Sana’a, Ibb, Taiz, Aden, Al Hodeidah, Raymah, Dhamar, Al-Jowf, Mareb, Hajjah, Amran, and Al-Mahwait governorate.

An active partner in:

  • National & Sub-protection cluster.
  • GBV Sub National Cluster.
  • Gender network.

Summary of the protection interventions:

More than 97,000 the total of the protection program interventions beneficiaries

1Urgent protection project for displaced children from the West Coast in Yemen / clothing and medical supplies Kit.Al Hodeidah
2Provide Psychological support for ChildrenAl Hodeidah, Hajjah, Marib and Taiz
3Providing Psychological support Program for conflict affected pregnant and lactating womenTaiz
4Economic empowerment of vulnerable categories – vocational training scholarships for boys and girls.Five Yemeni governorates
5Economic empowerment of the affected communities - microfinance servicesMarib, Aljawf, Taiz, Amran, and Dhamar
6Economic empowerment of the affected families – income generating projectsTaiz, Aden, Marib, and Al Hodaidah
7Economic empowerment – support food producersAl Hodaidah, Hajjah, Al Mahweet, and Raymah