A brief overview of the shelter and CCCM situation in Yemen:

Shelter remains a major humanitarian priority with 2/10 people in need of Shelter/NFI or SMC (Site Management and Coordination) support, with most living in makeshift shelters using inadequate materials to construct their shelters such as plastic sheeting, cardboard, cloths, and leaves in areas without adequate access to basic services. In IDP Hosting Sites some 465,000 IDPs live in close to 1,300 Sites, often as a last resort, and are considered among the most vulnerable populations with no means to support more adequate shelter solutions. Returnees are no better off with at least 10 % with no shelter or settled in makeshift shelters while 6% reside in IDP hosting sites due to multiple factors including damage to their homes, security and safety, and limited access to basic services and livelihood opportunities.

The direct impact on this population group triggered assistance in the form of emergency shelters and NFI distributions to alleviate their immediate suffering, whether they were displaced or chose to remain in their homes. Emergency shelter and NFI assistance are often temporary, using materials with a short life span, forcing recurrent aid in the case of a protracted crisis. As such, this lens also aggregates the shortages linked to recurrent needs of the protracted population with some of whom have been displaced for many years. Therefore, in this case, a socio-economical vulnerability analysis is indispensable to understand the absorption capacity of particular districts facing protracted conflict situations.

YDN shelter and CCCM program interventions:

Yemeni Development Network for NGOs (YDN) is one of the forefronts of humanitarian outreach throughout provided humanitarian and development aid to IDPs, people in need, and conflict-affected population throughout all republic governorates, YDN for NGOs implemented different activities in the area of Shelter /NFI/CCCM in line with the cluster strategy.

Operating across seven governorates, YDN’s shelter interventions supported people affected by conflict and natural disasters through the provision of safe, dignified, and appropriate shelter and non-food items support. YDN’s S-NFI assistance included the provision of NFIs, emergency shelter, winterization, and T-shelter to displaced people residing in collective centers, makeshift shelters, and informal settlements.  Where possible, YDN considered the use of rental subsidies cash assistance for IDPs to support them cover their needs.

Geographical Coverage:

(8) Governorates: Taiz, Ibb, Hadramout, Al-Jowf, Marib, Shabw, Al Bayda, Socotra- Island, Almahrah, and Sana’a governorate.

An active partner in:

  • Shelter TWiG (ESKs, T-Shelter, Settlement/Site Planning, Rehabilitation of the damaged houses and Permanent Houses).

Summary of the shelter and CCCM interventions:

More than 101,000 the total of the shelter and CCCM program interventions beneficiaries

1Response to conflict-affected IDPs in Aljuba District, Marib Governorate20211564Marib
2Provision of NFI , ESK kits and Winterization Assistance to Conflict Affected Displaced Populations in Marib Governorate202011016Marib
3Responding to the flood-affected families in Ibb and Ash Shier and Distribution of 237 NFIs and 118 ESK20201722Ibb
4Shelter and WASH Project in Al Udayn, Mudhikhera and Jiblah Districts, Ibb Governorate20204760Ibb
5Provision of Winterization Assistance to Displaced Populations in Marib Governorate20202640Marib
6Prefabricated housing units (caravans) for displaced families with special needs from Majzar District202024
Caravans for 24 HHs
7Eid clothing project2020126Marib
8Provision of Winterization Assistance in Marib Governorate202072000Taiz, Shabw, Al Bayda, Al Jawf, Marib, Sana'a
940 Transitional shelters for displaced families.2020240Marib
10Provision of emergency shelter kits ESK Assistance in Marib Governorate20207200Marib