Invitation to Register in Goods/Services Suppliers Lists of YDN

Yemeni Development Network for NGOs is Inviting goods suppliers/ service providers to submit their applications and confirm their desire to supply a variety of goods and services via the following link:

Services Suppliers Form

The Registration must be submitted along with the following documents:

- Certificate of establishment
- A copy of valid commercial registration specifying the commercial activity
- A copy of valid tax card
- YDN SUPPLIERs CODE OF ETHICS signed and stamped by Supplier
- A company profile includes:
 company address (head office and branches)
 Contact Information of person responsible
 List of goods (quantity and quality)
- Previous experiences of the supplier.

List of Goods and Services:

• Medicine, Solution, medical supplies and equipment
• Food Items
• Sanitation and Hygienic Supplies
• Non-Food Items and Shelter
• Vehicle rental services
• Bakeries
• Stationery
• Electronics and Electrical Devices
• Mobiles, Computers and Network maintenance.
• Office Devices
• Furniture
• Solar System
• Software, web design and Digital Solution
• Safety and Security Services
• Logistics and Transportation Services
• Cleanliness Services
• Visibility
• Art Production Services
• Traveling Agencies Services
• Media and Telecommunication Services
• Restaurant Services
• Insurance Services
• Hotel Services
• Maintenance Services
• Generators including its maintenance and spare
• Buildings
• Legal Consultations
• Financial Audit
• Construction& Rehabilitation
• Cash Transfer Services
• PDM, Baseline, Edline, Surveys, Market Assessment
In light of the above, Vendors wishing to provide their services are kindly requested to fill out the registration form (YDN Vendor Pre-Qualification Form) via the website above and attach the required documents listed above by April 30, 2019.
All existing suppliers to YDN who wish to join the list of service providers are required to apply for pre-qualification.

Important note:

- Please note that this is not an invitation to bid, and is not required at this stage to submit any proposals for action or any quotations.
- This invitation is not binding on any tenders or any contracts to companies that expressed their wish through the application.
- No application will be considered after the deadline specified in this announcement.
- Data and documents submitted prior to the selection process will be verified through visits and interviews, if necessary.